The CGI Frankenstein: Creating the 3D Character from Modeling to Animation

3D Workshop | Modeling and Animation | The CGI Frankenstein

The dictionary lists the meaning of the word "maya" as the power by which the universe becomes manifest and the illusion or appearance of the phenomenal world.

Just like most CGI tools, 3D software has become a popular medium for artists to create new realities.In this workshop, Professor Dominika Juraszek will be using the industry software, Autodesk Maya, to introduce Bramson ORT College students to the process of 3D character creation. The workshop explores 3D modeling tools, texturing tools, rigging tools, and 3D animation tools in the 3D production pipeline.We will be creating the modern-day Frankenstein. From Polygon modeling to timeline animation, students will bring their 3D creatures to life! The only thing needed is a boundless imagination!